President George Bush Turnpike – Eastern Extension of Sate Highway 78 to IH 30, NTTA

DAL-TECH was selected by NTTA for the primary task of performing boundary and land title surveys. This project required the preparation of more than 300 acquisition documents (including easements) for what is now known as the President George Bush Turnpike Eastern Extension. This segment of PGBT totaled more than 10 miles in length and encompassed private, municipal, county, NTTA and school district title holders. Each acquisition required extensive office and field research of each parent tract and adjoining property(s), boundary resolution, title review, and preparation of deliverables. While a majority of the individual surveys were less than 5 acres, it can be conservatively estimated the DAL-TECH amassed more than 5,000 acres of total land surveying for this project.

DAL-TECH was also requested to perform additional services in the form of establishment of primary & secondary horizontal/vertical control along the entire 10 mile corridor, preparation of municipal/NTTA/TxDOT surplus properties, coordination with Texas811 for the purpose of verifying the location of franchise utilities, verification of flood plain limits as exhibited by FEMA maps, and the establishment of permanent monumentation that reflect the values of State Plane Coordinates.