Dallas Love Field Industrial Subdivision, City of Dallas

DAL-TECH is currently providing Boundary (Title limits) and Platting services (estimated completion of fall-2015) for the Dallas Love Field Airport.

The airport, in its current configuration, is comprised of 1,700-plus properties, consisting of (at the time of acquisition) raw acreage, residential subdivisions, homesteads and commercial properties. The properties were acquired by fee-title, donation, condemnations and total over 1350 acres. Viewed as a daunting task, DAL-TECH meticulously researched and verified City of Dallas Title to each and every acquisition since the airport’s inception in 1917. Utilizing historic aerial photography, deed sketches, field notes, plats and deeds, DAL-TECH was also able to “reconstruct” the affecting boundaries to provide the City of Dallas the most comprehensive mapping of the airport.

DAL-TECH also provided street right-of-way verification, verification of a railroad corridor, status of right-of-way (in force or abandoned), easement verification, Texas 811 coordination for the location of franchise utilities, and “record drawing” research to verify location of public utilities.

For the first time, DAL-TECH will definitively define the Dallas Love Field property limits and title rights.